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Garden (Boss Stage)

Remnant of the Goddess - Collecting Strange Seeds

  1. Defeat the Nependeaths in Tower of Goddess and collect the Strange Seeds that they drop.
  2. Plant the seeds in the various pots by clicking on the indicated locations while standing near them.
  3. Remnant of the Goddess PQ - Planting Seeds

  4. Once the Royal Nependeath in Tower of Goddess has been found, defeat it to summon Papa Pixie.

    Note: Having a Priest or some All Cure Potion handy is recommended as Papa Pixie may cast Darkness.

  5. Remnant of the Goddess PQ - Fighting Papa Pixie

  6. Defeat Papa Pixie and speak with Eak to receive the Grass of Life. In addition, Papa Pixie will drop a Feather of Goddess. Each member with an open etc. slot will receive this upon pick up.
  7. Enter through the portal to go back to the Lobby.