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Lobby 2

Remnant of the Goddess PQ - Goddess Statue

  1. Place the Pieces of the Goddess Statue by clicking the on the corresponding location (people other than the leader can have the pieces if the leader runs out of room in their inventory).
  2. Once the statue has been restored, speak with Eak to clear the lobby and move the party to the Garden.

    Warning: If you speak to Eak and cancel the conversation before he moves you to the Garden, you will not be able to speak with him again. This is currently an unfixed glitch and it will prevent you from finishing the party quest.

  3. You may also enter the Bonus Stage through the ladder at the bottom of the map.
  4. You can also Enter the Hidden Stage by pressing up at the location below.
  5. Remnant of the Goddess PQ - Location for the Hidden Stage