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The Database Takes Flight

Stage 1

  1. If you speak with Eak, he will provide you with the required record for the day you are PQ-ing. Alternatively, you can use the table above to determine the correct record.
  2. Remnant of the Goddess PQ - A Record

  3. Make your way to the top of each jump quest* and click on the box. The box will drop a random record.
  4. Remnant of the Goddess PQ - Record Player

  5. Once the correct record has been found, drop it in front of the record player, and wait for the both the record to disappear and the record player to become animated.
  6. When the correct music has been found, speak to Eak to get Goddess Statue: 1st Piece and clear the stage. Then proceed through the portal to enter Stage 2.

    *Note: Movement skills such as Flash Jump, Double Jump, Teleport, Haste, etc. can be used in this map.