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The Database Takes Flight

Stage 4

  1. Make your way past the miniature jump quest at the bottom of the map.
  2. Remnant of the Goddess PQ - Finding the correct platform

  3. Find the correct platform to be teleported to the next row*. Once the correct platform has been found, it will glow. There is a respawn point every 4 rows. If you try an incorrect platform, you will be sent back to the previous respawn point.
  4. Remnant of the Goddess PQ - Hitting levers

  5. Once you have found the correct combination of platforms and reached the top, you must determine the correct lever combination to clear the stage**. Have members hit each lever in various combinations.
  6. Once the stage is clear, speak with Eak to get a Goddes Statue: 3rd Piece and head out through the doorway on the bottom

    *Note: It is possible to skip rows of platforms by jumping and pressing up. If timed correctly, it will register as trying the platform above you. In this manner, you can successfully get to the top while only going through 4 rows of platforms.

    **Note: It is recommended that the levers are hit in a specific order. Start with only the left lever down, then then only the middle lever, then only the right lever, then only the left and middle, etc.