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Boss Stage

Resurrection of the Hoblin King PQ - Fighting the boss, Rex

  1. After some monologue, Shammos will approach the lock and proceed to summon Rex.
  2. Rex may cast a poison cloud, zombify, and knock -back plus various magic and physical attacks.
  3. Rex's Hyena SaddleRex's Red EarringsRex's Blue EarringsRex's Green EarringsEssence of the Hoblin King

  4. Upon defeating Rex, you will receive experience points as well as 26 Insight and 44 Willpower. Possible noteworthy drops include the Rex's Hyena Saddle, Rex's Red Earrings, Rex's Green Earrings, Rex's Blue Earrings, and the Essence of the Hoblin King.
  5. Hobb Warrior Mark

  6. Rex will also drop a Hobb Warrior Mark which any party member can pick up. Once looted, each member will receive a mark as long as they have an open ETC slot.
  7. To exit the stage, go through the portal on the left side of the map.
  8. Possible prizes include:

    Rex's Perfect Red Earrings - Rex's Red Earrings and 50 Hobb Warrior Mark

    Rex's Perfect Green Earrings - Rex's Green Earrings and 50 Hobb Warrior Mark

    Rex's Perfect Blue Earrings - Rex's Blue Earrings and 50 Hobb Warrior Mark

    Rex's Hyena - 300 Hobb Warrior Mark