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Stage 2

Resurrection of the Hoblin King PQ - Protect Shammos

  1. The objective of this stage is to protect Shammos (top left of the above image) from the various monsters that spawn throughout his path (top right) as he moves towards the portal on the far side of the map.
  2. Once Shammos and all of your party members have gathered near the portal (bottom tight), the party leader may pass through it to enter the next stage.

    Note: There are various locations throughout the bottom path of this stage where ice spikes (bottom left) will pop up and inflict damage. It also may leave you with slower movement and attacking speed for a short period of time.

    Note: If you wander too far from Shammos, he will call for you to come back. You can fail the party quest by either allowing him to lose all of his health or by ignoring his request for 30 seconds. If he calls for you, stay near Shammos until the message disappears or he may fail your party quest.