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Romeo and Juliet Party Quest

This PQ requires 4 people to complete for characters of Level 70 and above.

For a complete video guide of this PQ, click the Play button above (thanks to AionJC).

The Party Quest revolves around the separated Romeo and Juliet who belong to two rival alchemy factions, the Alcadno and the Zenumist. As such, there are two different types of Magatia Party Quest, where the only differences are the roles of Romeo and Juliet as well as the reward at the end when either Romeo or Juliet is saved.

This PQ requires a party of exactly 4 members between levels 71 and 85, a Thief with maxed haste (or someone with 120% Jump), and a Magician with maxed Teleport. Assemble your party, then head towards Alcadno Society or Zenumist Society in Magatia (depending on your choice), go through the hidden door, and have your party leader talk to either Juliet or Romeo respectively to begin the quest.

You will have 45 minutes to complete the entire quest.