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The Database Takes Flight

Stage 4: Special Lab

  1. If you have managed to obtain a Romeo's Letter or Juliet's Letter in Stage 1, give the letter to the respective NPC.
  2. Kill the Neo Huroid in this map until it drops a Card Key. The Card Key is used to open the doors on the left and right side of the map - the left door is for the Thief with maxed Haste or a character with 120% Jump, while the right door is for the Magician with maxed Teleport, both of which consist of jump quests of sorts in a darkened area as in Stage 2.
  3. It is recommended to be ready with a Card Key when a character is ready to enter or exit the respective door - the rooms behind both doors deplete a character of 100 HP every 3 seconds.
  4. At the left room, the character needs to go towards the top platforms and hit the boxes to look for Alcadno's Experiment Files - potions and mesos may drop instead. At the room on the right, the Magician should teleport around to locate Zenumist's Experiment Files in the boxes.
  5. It is also recommended that one player is sent to either room at a time. When the player is ready to exit it, other players outside the room should be ready with a Card Key to ensure that the player is out quickly.
  6. Hand over both files to the NPC and proceed through the door to the next stage.