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Stage 5: Yulete's Office

  1. If you have given Romeo's Letter or Juliet's Letter to the respective NPC in Stage 4: Special Lab and wish to fight Angry Frankenroid at the last stage (to also initiate other related quests), you will need to follow the following instructions carefully: One party member should slowly walk forward in the map (before the monsters spawn) until a small part of Yulete is seen. Have that member double click on him, and choose the bottom choice of the two available. If you go past him, the regular Frankenroid will only spawn at the last stage.
  2. Fight the Reinforced Iron Mutae and Reinforced Mithril Mutae that will spawn in this room.
  3. Once all monsters are killed, the party leader should click on a book that acts as a switch to proceed to the next stage. 20,000 EXP will be given for clearing this stage.