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The Database Takes Flight

Stage 6: Lab Tunnel

  1. There are four doors that lead to jump quests that all four characters will have to do. There are four platforms in each 10 rows in each room; there is only one correct platform in a row that will send you to the next row, while the other three platforms will send you back to the bottom.
  2. For the same row in each room, if one platform is correct for one room, it will be the wrong one for the other 3 rooms. For example, for row 1 (most bottom), assuming the platforms from left to right are labelled as A to D, if A is correct for room 1, then A for row 1 would definitely be wrong for the other 3 rooms. As such, it is important for party members to constantly update other members by typing in the chat the correct platforms in their own rooms using an earlier agreed method: perhaps communicating by using digits or letters, and so on.
  3. The combinations are random for each PQ.
  4. Completing this stage will net you 20,000 EXP.