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Stage 7: Center Lab

  1. When all your party members have finally gathered at the Center Lab, one or two players (depending on your party members) should be assigned to protect Romeo or Juliet - that platform will contain two Neo Huroid at any time. Ideally, it would be better to have someone who can freeze (Ice/Lightning Mage), stun (Outlaw), or use Puppet to lure the monsters away (Ranger/Sniper).
  2. Talk to Yulete to summon Frankenroid or Angry Frankenroid (depending on what you have done at previous stages), who will in turn, summon Reinforced Iron Mutae and Reinforced Mithril Mutae.
  3. Either version of the Frankenroid can jump, punch, warp players to Hidden Street: Entrance to Center Lab, or on rare occasions, drops your HP & MP to 1. It can also blind and poison you, so plenty of curative items should be brought along.
  4. Three scenarios can happen:
    • Once you have successfully killed Frankenroid and managed to prevent Romeo or Juliet from being killed, talk to the respective NPC and you will be warped to Hidden Street: Traces of Yulete. Talk to him, then you will be warped to the previous map again and you will be able to obtain your rewards.
    • If you have successfully killed Angry Frankenroid, you will be able to access Yulete's Lab at the town of Magatia around the sewers, where a series of quests can be done.
    • If you managed to kill either Frankenroids but didn't manage to save Romeo or Juliet, you will not obtain any additional EXP or rewards.