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A Mysterious Sentence
Level 120 and above
A Book of Fire (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
1 x Burning Book of Fire
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. So they say Grendel the Really Old is a magic book inscribed with fire and it contains powerful fire element magic. I think someone knows how to break the spell on the book...

  2. The book contains mysterious writing that I can't understand. They say I need to go see Robeira, an elder in Ossyria who has studied magic for a long time...Frozen Book of Ice Frozen Book of Ice / 1

  3. Robeira explained about a magic called q2121003 and told me about a mysterious legend. According to her, she's not sure if this is a real magic book but if it's about q2121003 it's definitely worth a try.