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Beat the Heat <Medium> - 3rd Stage
Item(s) Needed:
30 x Leatty Furball
25 x Jr. Lioner
25 x Dark Leatty
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. I should go visit Maple Administrator for Beat the Heat, 3rd Stage.

  2. For the 3rd Stage task, the Maple Administrator wanted me to defeat 25 Jr. Lioners and 25 Dark Leattys, and bring back 30 Leatty Furballs. Jr. Lioner a90561Dark Leatty a90562Leatty Furball Leatty Furball/30

  3. I passed the 'Beat the Heat' Challenge that MapleStory prepared for us. Just like she said, I better stop spending so much time in front of air-conditioners and fans, and go out instead and lead an active life.