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Cygnus the Betrayer
Can You Help Edelstein? (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. You can't figure why the people of Black Wing Territory: Edelstein hate the Cygnus Knights so much... Since you've come to Ereve, ask the Empress.

  2. When you ask Empress Cygnus about Black Wing Territory: Edelstein, she grimaces and says it's because the Knights have broken their promise to the town. You still don't know what happened between the Cygnus Knights and the residents of Edelstein... Ask Neinheart.

  3. Black Wing Territory: Edelstein is a town taken over by the Black Wings. Apparently, the people of Black Wing Territory: Edelstein formed the Resistance and fought against the Black Wings for years in order to drive them out of their town. Empress Cygnus had her Knights join forces with the Resistance in order to stop the revival of the Black Mage.One day, the Resistance decided to launch their ultimate attack and asked the Knights to help them. Without hesitation, the Empress willingly agreed to provide support. However, the Cygnus Knights broke their promise and Black Wing Territory: Edelstein was defeated, resulting in more severe oppression and surveillance of its residents. Since then, the townspeople have despised the Empress and her Knights as much as they do the Black Wings.


  • 500 experience