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Learning the Culture of Ariant
Level 75 and above
Item(s) Needed:
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. The Burning Road: Ariant, a town built in the middle of the desert. This town feels different from anything else you've ever experienced. Why are the people in The Burning Road: Ariant so aloof? You hear Byron is researching at The Burning Road: Ariant. Ask him for help.

  2. Byron tells you the people in The Burning Road: Ariant are very guarded, and that the best way to break the ice is by drinking their water from the oasis. Then they'll accept you. You should head over to the oasis near the palace.

  3. You returned to Byron after drinking the water and he told you the people of The Burning Road: Ariant should accept you now. He also explained the basic happenings in The Burning Road: Ariant. The Burning Road: Ariant seems a bit complex. Be careful.


  • 300 experience
  • 10 Insight EXP