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The Messenger of the Fairy Forest 2
The Messenger of the Fairy Forest 1 (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
1 x Pure Water of Protection
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. After some convincing from the chief of Ellinia: Ellinia Grendel the Really Old, I have decided to leave Ellinia: Ellinia as the messenger of Grendel the Really Old. Grendel the Really Old warned me that I may get lost on the way there since it's my first time there, and gave me tLeafre Guidebook as well as a flight ticket. By the way, what's this item that I'm suppose to deliver to Tatamo?

  2. I received a request from Grendel the Really Old, the chief of Ellinia: Ellinia, to head to a place called Leafre: Leafre of Ossyria. Leafre: Leafre is a town entrenched in Minar Forest somewhere in Ossyria, and I was told to deliver an item to the chief of the town, Chief Tatamo, for him. I'll have to deliver the Pure Water of Protection that Grendel the Really Old gave to Chief Tatamo of Leafre: Leafre.

  3. You delivered the Pure Water of Protection that the Chief of Leafre: Leafre requested to Grendel the Really Old, the Chief of Ellinia: Ellinia. As a sign of gratitude, Chief Tatamo gave you a magic seed that will allow you to teleport between Ellinia: Ellinia and Leafre: Leafre.