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2nd Anniversary : Cody's Quest

2nd Anniversary : Cody's Quest
Item(s) Needed:
10 x Birthday Candle
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Cody is supposedly in need of help. I should go see him at Henesys...

  2. Cody said he's preparing a big party for the MapleStory staff with food and everything, but he forgot to buy the birthday candles for the cake! He seemed to be in a state of emergency, and asked me if I could gather up 10 Birthday Candles for him. Birthday Candles? That's weird...

  3. I gave him the 10 Birthday Candles he requested. He seemed very much relieved by the fact that the party won't be ruined after all. He gave me a Maple Flag as a reward. Wow, I haven't seen these in a while!