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A Monster War?

Hero From the Past, Aran
A Monster War?
Level 14 and above
Check Out the Orange Mushroom (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
50 x Pig Tail
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. This is your first assignment as an informant. Has Dr. Scarrs of Henesys: Henesys learned why strange mushrooms are appearing near Henesys? Talk to him.

  2. Scarrs says a strange Horny Mushrooms have appeared with the Orange Mushrooms. He wants you to get rid of Berserk Horny Mushrooms and collect 5 Berserk Horny Mushroom Puppets.The Berserk Horny Mushroom population lives in Singing Mushroom Forest: Windflower Forest, which is a bit further away from Henesys: Henesys.Berserk Horny Mushroom Puppet Berserk Horny Mushroom Puppet Berserk Horny Mushroom Puppet / 5

  3. Scarrs investigated the Berserk Horny Mushroom Puppet and he says the puppets may be the reason behind the strange monsters in Henesys: Henesys.


  • 180 experience