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A Mysterious Small Egg

Victoria Island
A Mysterious Small Egg
Level 15 and above
Item(s) Needed:
1 x Mysterious Small Egg
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. It sounds like someone is calling out my name. The dreamy eyes... the luscious purple hair... who are you?

  2. The fairy with the dreamy eyes and the flowing purple hair talks for a bit, but it's not understandable at all. After the fairy disappears, you find a Mysterious Small Egg inside your inventory. The fairy said something about it being your friend... Anyway, you better go visit the fairy at Ellinia, the town of Fairies.Come to Ellinia, home of green trees too tall to measure. I will wait for you here.

  3. The fairy with the dreamy eyes... and the luscious purple hair talked for a bit, but it wasn't understandable at all. After the fairy disappeared, I found a Mysterious Small Egg inside my inventory. Reliving the message the Fairy left for me, I went to the area and found Mar the Fairy hiding behind a huge bellflower. Mar mentioned something about being responsible for taking care of a living being, and then gave me a pet as a gift. The mysterious small egg turned out to be a Snail's egg.Along with a message that this small snail can only be with me for 5 hours.