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About the Amorian Challenge!

Victoria Island
About the Amorian Challenge!
Level 40 and above
Item(s) Needed:
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Ames the Wise has good news for me. It looks like his brother, Amos the Strong, has finished his hunting ground for married couples. I should stop by and get some more info!

  2. I visited Ames the Wise, and he explained the Amoria Party Quest in detailI must visit Amos the Strong at the end of Purplewood Forest, and if I'm married, I can enter. I can either bring my spouse or go at it solo. I must team up with 5 other married people, and from there, the adventure begins!

  3. That wasn't so bad! Amos the Strong seems much different from his brother Ames--he had muscles coming out of his muscles! To enter his hunting ground, I must be married, and can either bring my spouse or go at it with 5 other married people. I should visit Amoria more often...I wonder what else is in this land...