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Ariant Winter Preparations

Ariant Winter Preparations
Level 67 - 79
Item(s) Needed:
20 x Fire Sand
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. The land of the scorching sun, Ariant, is also preparing for winter. How does such a place prepare for winter? Go see Jiyur at the Town of Ariant.

  2. Jiyur says that Ariant does not have winter. Instead, it endures the scorching sun all year round. However, Ariant exports Fire Sand, a key ingredient in heat packs, to the other cities during the winter. Deliver some Fire Sand to Jiyur.

  3. You delivered the Fire Sand to Jiyur in Ariant, who is poor yet passionate. Perhaps Jiyur will be able to live well this winter by selling the sand...