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Attracting Tourists to the Golden Temple

Attracting Tourists to the Golden Temple
Level 15 and above
Item(s) Needed:
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Cassandra is talking to you. What kind of event could be planned this time? Respond to Cassandra.

  2. There's a new attraction called the m950100000 in Maple World. It's a small village, but it has its own boss monster and other unique monsters. If you go now, Mr. Yoo, the PR Manager, will give you a Golden Ticket that will allow you to use the mini dungeons located near the temple. Head over to the m950100000 through the Dimensional Mirror.

  3. You received a Golden Ticket from PR Manager Mr. Yoo. You can use it to enter any mini dungeons near the town once. If you want to use the mini dungeons again, you can purchase a Premium Golden Ticket or obtain ticket pieces dropped by monsters.