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Black Wing Master

Black Wing Master
Level 75 and above
Their Purpose (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Claudine has gone over Gelimer's Research Diary A. See what she's found.

  2. Claudine's review of the diary revealed that Gelimer is trying to make a superhuman! She gave you an exerpt from the diary:Upon completion of the experiment, the subject appeared to be successful. Visually, it appeared to be an exact replica of The One. I named it Vita, thinking it would be my greatest achievement. However, after multiple tests, I am now certain the experiment was a failure. It exhibits no extraordinary capabilities. It is, in fact, a quite ordinary human female. The subject will be purged during the next clean cycle. I must go back to formula.Was Vita really just a disposable reject?! And who is The One? This research diary is missing too much information. Go back to the area where you found it and see if you can find Research Diary B.

  3. You met...the found of the Black Wings?! Her name is Orchid. What could she be doing here?!


  • 5,000 experience