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Building a New House For Blackbull

Victoria Island
Building a New House For Blackbull
Level 20 and above
Fixing Blackbull's House (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
20 x Stone Golem Rubble
2 x Screw
10 x Tree Branch
1 x "Blackbull's" deed to the land
  10 Fame
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. You hear Blackbull in Perion is building a new house...

  2. You run into 'Blackbull' again, the guy whose house you helped fix. He has a much harder task for you this time, though. His cousins from Henesys: Henesys are all moving to Perion, so he needs to build a brand new house, from scratch! He needs the deed to his land, but it was stolen from his son by Curse Eye. You'll need to go see the Curse Eyes who roam the Northern Forest areas...

  3. So that all of Blackbull's cousins could move to Perion, you got him the item he requested. It was really tough, and you hope he doesn't ask you to BUILD a house for him next time...


  • 15,000 mesos
  • 1,000 experience
  • 2 Fame