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Calico Mack, the Pirate King

Calico Mack, the Pirate King
Level 13 and above
The Treasure Map Book (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Cassandra has something to say to you...

  2. Calico Mack, the Pirate King, was the scourge of the seas of Maple World. Cassandra will tell you more.

  3. Eliminate Calico Mack, the scourge of the seas of Maple World, and take his treasure box!Lv. 13-27: Golem's TempleLv. 28-39: Kerning Square 1st and 2nd FloorsLv. 40-52: Garden of 3 Colors 2Lv. 53-64: Korean Folk TownLv. 65-73: Boswell FieldLv. 74-81: SahelLv. 82-94: Magatia Alcadno Research InstituteLv. 95-109: Red-Nose Pirate DenLv. 110-126: The Area of KentaurusLv. 127-144: Dragon ForestLv. 145 or higher: Road of Regrets


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