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Cool as Ice

Cool as Ice
Level 90 and above
The Mark of Heroism (Completed), Stemming the Tide (Completed), Catch a Bigfoot by the Toe. (Completed), The Brewing Storm (Completed), Fool's Gold (Completed), Bounty Master (Completed), Storming the Castle (Completed), The Fallen Woods (Completed), Fool's Gold. (Completed), The Right Path (Completed), Rags to Riches (Completed), The Fallen Warriors (Completed), Rags to Riches. (Completed), Lost in Translation 1 (Completed), One Step A-Head (Completed), Finding Jack (Completed), Lost in Translation 2 (Completed), One Step A-Head. (Completed), Translated Communique (Completed), Lost in Translation 3 (Completed), Catch a Bigfoot by the Toe (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
1 x Mark of Naricain
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. I think it's about time Icebyrd gave me some answers...I should go speak with him.

  2. I've spoken with Icebyrd, and he seems cryptic-what is he hiding?

  3. Icebyrd has revealed the truth to me at last-he was contacted by Subani to establish New Leaf City as well as anchor Masteria to the Maple World. He was sworn to secrecy, and to this day, can never leave the continent. It appears that Subani and Icebyrd are the first line of defense against the demonic Naricain, and by defeating his Twisted Masters; I am now his enemy as well. He also mentioned that our adventures here have just begun...with the Twisted Masters out of the way, what's next? Perhaps answers lie within the Krakian Jungle, and the mysterious city there...only time will tell!


  • 77,797 experience