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Corruption of Morals: Strong Stone Goblin

Corruption of Morals: Strong Stone Goblin
Level 70 - 77
Item(s) Needed:
200 x Strong Stone Goblin
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Somchai at the m950100000 looks very upset. What could be the problem? Talk to Somchai.

  2. Somchai says that the influx of tourists has corrupted the morals and culture of the village. As evidence, he mentioned the outfit of the Strong Stone Goblins. Somchai said that he can no longer put up with the Strong Stone Goblins walking around in their revealing underwear and asked that you eliminate them. Enter the Goblin Cave by talking to Chan. Strong Stone Goblin a284301

  3. You eliminated the Strong Stone Goblins, but Somchai is worried that in just 1 hour, they will return again as they were before. Come back later to help Somchai.


  • 100,500 experience