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[Daily] Espionage - Seizing Communication

[Daily] Espionage - Seizing Communication
Item(s) Needed:
60 x Specter Corps Orders
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Gallero is looking for someone to handle a commission.

  2. Gallero gives you an espionage commission from Edea. Edea wants you to eliminate Specter soldiers and obtain 60 Specter Corps Orders items to gauge the enemy's condition.Specter Corps Orders items can be obtained from Specter Tamers, Specter Engineers, Specter Miners, Power Specters, Specter Shieldbearers, Warrior Specters, Reaper Specters, and Magician Specters, which can be found all over the Heliseum region.

  3. You completed the commission.