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Dragon's Perfume Bottle

Dragon's Perfume Bottle
Level 70 and above
Monster Riding (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
1 x Pheromone Perfume
1 x Hog
1 x Silver Mane
1 x Red Draco
1 x Dragon's Perfume Bottle
  20,000,000 mesos
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. It's time to take my mount to another level! Let's go see Chief Tatamo in Leafre and see if he has any methods to improve my mount!

  2. After reaching Leafre, I spoke with Chief Tatamo. He confirmed that he does have a way to improve my mount--by turning it into a powerful dragon! However, like most good things in life, this is not free. He's agreed to sell me the dragon's perfume for the low, discounted price of 20 million meso because it is rare. Really rare. So rare, in fact, that he still has his original stockpile. At 20 Million mesos per, I'm not surprised...

  3. After thinking it over, I gave Chief Tatamo 20 million mesos and got the dragon's perfume. I took a whiff, it smells like candy, chocolate, and roses...I'm tempted to drink it! However, I want an awesome dragon mount, so I'll have to pass. I can't wait to ride it!