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Eat This!

Eat This!
Level 15 and above
A Cold Hearth (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
20 x Red Gummy Slime
20 x Green Gummy Slime
20 x Purple Gummy Slime
20 x Orange Gummy Slime
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. I keep seeing these fireplaces around the house. I wonder if they lead anywhere...maybe Edmunds knows? He mentioned something about a key. I should press him a bit more.

  2. My hunch was right. The fireplaces are interconnected through the mansion's Chimney; perhaps I can use them as an alternate way of navigating through the house. However, they're locked and Edmunds holds the only key. He will reluctantly give me the key if I collect 20 of each type of Gummy Slimes. There's Red, Green, Purple and Orange ones; so I'll need to hunt all over the house to get them. It'll be tempting to eat them first.

  3. Edmunds reluctantly gave me the Omni Key after I collected the Gummy Slimes for him. With it, I can enter the fireplaces throughout the house and the Chimney to which they all connect. Hmmm... Who knows where all these fireplaces lead?