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Eliminate the Patrol Robot

Eliminate the Patrol Robot
Item(s) Needed:
10 x Patrol Robot Memory Chip
30 x Patrol Robot
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. You wonder what your first mission as a member of the Resistance will be... Ask Resistance Claudine at the Underground Base to find out!

  2. Claudine asks you to defeat the Patrol Robots scattered in Concrete Road: Edelstein Strolling Path and retrieve the memory chips from them. She says she'll be able to find out important information about the Black Wings by analyzing the tape.Patrol Robot a231101Patrol Robot Memory Chip Patrol Robot Memory Chip Patrol Robot Memory Chip / 10

  3. You collected the Patrol Robot Memory Chips from the Patrol Robots. Claudine said she would begin analyzing the tape immediately, so you gave her a few moments...


  • 1,000 experience