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Level 50 and above
Welcome to New Leaf City Quiz - END (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
150 x Boomer Core
100 x Gryphon
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Icebyrd looks like he needs my help. I'd better get over to New Leaf City and see him!

  2. I spoke with Icebyrd, and he was glad to see me. He's been trying to build the new areas, but the Gryphons have been wreaking havoc on the construction crews. If that wasn't enough, those pesky Boomers are also attacking the machines. I've agreed to help by taking out 100 Gryphons (located in the Jungle Clearing) and collecting 2 Jungle Lilys dropped by them, and defeating 150 Boomers and collecting 150 Boomer Core to show them that this city is off-limits!

  3. Man, what a day. I de-clawed the Gryphons and defused the Jungle Lilys. Now the city can continue building in peace. Icebyrd said that they may act up again, so I should come back to see if they've been rowdy...