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For Phyllia

Nihal Desert
For Phyllia
Level 85 and above
The Brutal Truth (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
1 x Dran's Note
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Dr. De Lang, the missing alchemist. What he wanted and the dark truth behind Sunset Road: Magatia... All these previously hidden facts have been revealed. Now it's the matter of choice. If I am to choose the truth, then I'll have to head over to Phyllia.

  2. The truth must be told, even if it causes heartbreak and anger. Once I get myself ready to reveal the truth, I better hand in Dran&039;s Note to Phyllia.

  3. With trembling hands, Phyllia received Dran&039;s Note. There was no way to tell how she'd react to it, whether to be angry, sad, in despair...or forgive. It's all up to her now.


  • 37,420 experience
  • 30 Fame
  • Elixir x 30