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Help Me Find My Glasses

Victoria Island
Help Me Find My Glasses
Level 15 and above
Item(s) Needed:
1 x Abel's Glasses
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Apparently there's someone on the harbor, in trouble. He says he's lost something that's practically like a body part of his...

  2. Having lost his glasses, Abel is unable to see anything. Let me help Abel find his glasses in the bushes near the watchtower, located on the east end of The Nautilus harbor where the seagulls have gathered. And remember, Abel's glasses have horn-rimmed frames! Abel&039;s GlassesAbel&039;s Glasses Abel&039;s Glasses / 1

  3. Oh. Abel seems so happy to have his glasses back. But now that he's got his glasses back, he seems like such a different person. Do those glasses have some kind of power?


  • 300 experience