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Herb Town Winter Preparations

Herb Town Winter Preparations
Level 90 and above
Item(s) Needed:
20 x Yellow Bellflower Bud
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Mr. Ku in Herb Town is well advanced in years. Listen to how he goes through the winter.

  2. Mr. Ku in Herb Town is known for staying healthy through the winter despite his old age. They say that the secret to his health has something to do with the Yellow Bellflower Bud... The Yellow Bellflower Bud is very rare and can only be found during the winter. Help Mr. Ku by getting Yellow Bellflower Buds.

  3. You gathered Yellow Bellflower Buds for Mr. Ku. The Yellow Bellflower Bud has amazing healing effects. It would certainly be a hot seller if you could only collect a massive amount of it...