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In Search of the Long Lost Pyramid

Nihal Desert
In Search of the Long Lost Pyramid
Level 60 - 89
Item(s) Needed:
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Byron, who studies the everyday life of the desert people of the Ariant Back Street, says that he's found something strange in the desert. You should go visit Byron.Tip - Take the ship from Orbis heading toward Ariant, the oasis of Nihal Desert.

  2. Byron claims that a huge sandstorm recently covered the path between Ariant and Magatia and completely changed the landscape of the area, revealing a mysterious pyramid. He's currently seeking explorers willing to help unlock the mysteries surrounding the Pyramid. First up, you'd better head over to Sahel 3 and talk to Duarte, who stands near the Pyramid.

  3. As Byron requested, you headed to Sahel Desert in search of the giant, mysterious Pyramid. At its entrance stood Duarte, who warned about the dangers of the Pyramid, but opened its doors to any who dare risk their lives to unlock its mystery.


  • 6,000 experience