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Ito's Request

Ito's Request
Level 95 and above
Item(s) Needed:
75 x Dark Rash's Furball
55 x Rash's Furball
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. I'd better go see Ito at Leafre: Leafre.

  2. Ito, who's in charge of taking care of the egg for Leafre: Leafre, wanted to keep the egg warm at all times, and wanted to cover it up with fluffy feathers of Rash. I was asked if I could gather up some feathers of Rash&039;s Furball and Dark Rash&039;s Furball.Rash&039;s FurballRash&039;s Furball Rash&039;s Furball / 55Dark Rash&039;s FurballDark Rash&039;s Furball Dark Rash&039;s Furball / 75

  3. As requested by Ito, I gathered up some furballs of Rash. Ito proceeded to put the feathers together and covered the egg up with it.