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Kink in the Supply Chain

Kink in the Supply Chain
Level 90 and above
Harpoon's at the HQ Too? (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
50 x Blue Speeyor
50 x Red Speeyor
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Harpoon tells you that something has been messing with the supply route lately. Go see Harpoon.

  2. Blue Speeyor and Red Speeyor monsters from Twisted Forest: Blue Speeyor&039;s Pasture and Twisted Forest: Red Speeyor&039;s Pasture are terrorizing the supply route. You have to reduce their numbers. Eliminating 50 of each should do it.

  3. You took care of the monsters by the supply route.


  • 101,699 experience