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Kumo's Request

Kumo's Request
Level 95 and above
Item(s) Needed:
48 x Beetle's Horn
28 x Dual Beetle's Horn
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. I'd better go see Kumo at Leafre: Leafre.

  2. I ran into Kumo at Leafre: Leafre. Kumo seemed concerned by the fact that the egg he's taking care of is about to be hatched, and is constantly moving, in danger of dropping any minute. He wanted to make a supporting block to fully support the egg, and asked me for help. I better start gathering up 48 Beetle&039;s Horns and 28 Dual Beetle&039;s Horns.Beetle&039;s HornBeetle&039;s Horn Beetle&039;s Horn / 48Dual Beetle&039;s HornDual Beetle&039;s Horn Dual Beetle&039;s Horn / 28

  3. As requested by Kumo, I gathered up 48 Beetle&039;s Horns and 28 Dual Beetle&039;s Horns for him. Kumo was concerned about building a sturdy support block for the egg, and has started doing so.


  • 99,100 experience