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[Legend] Battle For All

[Legend] Battle For All
Level 70 - 119
Item(s) Needed:
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. The fair and square Battle Mode celebration event is in progress! Get a quest by talking to Rosette or by clicking on the Notifier on the left side of the screen, and receive a Legends Awards Coin and 3 Gallant Emblems by completing the quest. Your quest will reset if you reach lv. 120 in the middle of it, so try this quest after lv. 120 if you're close to leveling up.

  2. You are participating in the Battle For All event. Fight hard, and get 350 BP, but be careful! If you reach lv. 120 while you're doing this quest, you have to abandon this quest and receive a new one.

  3. You received 350 BP for the Battle For All event, and obtained a Legends Awards Coin and 3 Gallant Emblems. Don't forget to do it again tomorrow!