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Making a Saddle

Cygnus Knights
Making a Saddle
Level 50 and above
Riding Mimiana (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
200 x Dragon Skin
200 x Dark Jr. Yeti Skin
1 x Saddle
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. I lost the t1912005 for Mounts. What should I do...? I better talk to Kiridu the Mount Trainerk for help.

  2. Kiridu tells you that because of budget issues, he can't give you a spare t1912005. He suggests that you come up with a new t1912005 on your own. It is rumored that Kenta of Aquarium: Aquarium is a great maker of t1912005s, but it will probably be very expensive. You'll have to bring the materials and the service charge for the t1912005 to Kenta.Dragon Skin Dragon Skin Dragon Skin / 200Dark Jr. Yeti Skin Dark Jr. Yeti Skin Dark Jr. Yeti Skin / 2005,000,000 Mesos

  3. I handed Kenta the materials for t1912005, along with the service charge, and received t1912005 in return. I better make sure not to lose t1912005 ever again.