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Map of Turtle Island

Dragon Master, Evan
Map of Turtle Island
Level 70 and above
Secret Organization's Fourth Mission (In Progress)
Item(s) Needed:
1 x Map of Turtle Island
100 x Ship Captain
100 x Ship Kru
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. For your fourth mission, meet with Captain Hwang in Herb Town: Herb Town to find the Map of Turtle Island.

  2. Captain Hwang says that he will give you the map if you complete his request. He wants you to eliminate the bad pirates, Ship Captain and Ship Kru, who are harassing the people of Herb Town: Herb Town.

  3. Once you eliminated the o99001029 and the Ship Kru, Captain Hwang gave you the Map of Turtle Island. He says that it's not a place you can easily reach, so you shouldn't even try...