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Moren's Second Round of Teaching

Moren's Second Round of Teaching
Level 75 and above
Moren's New Discovery (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
1 x Intermediate Monster Crystal 1
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. I think I have gotten quite familiar with producing items, and I am sure Moren would be shocked to see my prowess in it. Right at that time, Moren called me and told me if I ever had anything to do in Magatia, make sure to stop by and see him.

  2. I wound up heading to Magatia after seeing Moren's message. As soon as I saw him, however, instead of a hearty hug, he gave me a huge scolding. Apparently, he saw one of the items I made at the Free Market, and he was so disgusted by my poor quality of work that he vowed to set me straight by giving me a test.The test is actually making an Intermediate Monster Crystal. Hmmm... this is quite intense.Intermediate Monster Crystal 1 Intermediate Monster Crystal 1 Intermediate Monster Crystal 1 / 1

  3. Moren gave me a lecture on how I had become complacent, and told me I had to start again from scratch. After passing his test by successfully creating the Intermediate Monster Crystal, he let me go, and I realized my item-producing skills have gotten that much better as a result of his words.


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