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Obtaining the Unbreakable Porcelain

Dragon Master, Evan
Obtaining the Unbreakable Porcelain
Level 80 and above
Making a Bigger Saddle (In Progress)
Item(s) Needed:
1 x Potter
1 x Unbreakable Porcelain
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. In order to make a bigger saddle, you need to obtain some Unbreakable Porcelain, a specialty product of Herb Town: Herb Town. You should ask Captain Hwang, who is in charge of trade in Herb Town: Herb Town.

  2. The Potter, the master artisan who makes the Unbreakable Porcelain, has been kidnapped by the Red-Nose Pirates. If you want some Unbreakable Porcelain, you'll have to rescue Potter first... Enter the Pirate Hideout to rescue the Potter. You can enter from the Herb Town: Red-Nose Pirate Den 3.Potter Potter Potter / 1

  3. You rescued the Potter. All you have to do now is ask the Potter to make you some Unbreakable Porcelain.


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