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Ossyria Explorer

Ossyria Explorer
Level 60 and above
El Nath Mts. Explorer (Completed), Ludus Lake Explorer (Completed), Undersea Explorer (Completed), Mu Lung Explorer (Completed), Nihal Desert Explorer (Completed), Minar Forest Explorer (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Let's explore the continent of Ossyria!El Nath Mts. ExplorerLudus Lake ExplorerUndersea ExplorerMu Lung ExplorerNihal Desert ExplorerMinar Forest ExplorerYou must earn a total of 6 titles.

  2. Title - Ossyria Explorer Requirement(s)Can acquire after earning a total of 6 titles: El Nath Mts. Explorer, Ludus Lake Explorer, Undersea Explorer, Mu Lung Explorer, Nihal Desert Explorer, and Minar Forest Explorer Statusy29006 : u29006y29007 : u29007y29008 : u29008y29009 : u29009y29010 : u29010y29011 : u29011

  3. You have finally acquired the title upon earning all of the explorer titles in Ossyria.