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Party with Jane

Party with Jane
Level 71 and above
MapleStory 3rd Anniversary Bonanza (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
3 x Taurospear Horn
1 x Maple Hat (Basic)
3 x Tauromacis Horn
1 x Maple Hat (Basic)
30 x Tauromacis
30 x Taurospear
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Jane, who lives in Lith Harbor, wants to join the MapleStory 3rd Anniversary Bonanza.. I better help Jane make her way to the party.

  2. In order to attend the party with Jane, I'll have to prove my level of courage and power to her dad by slaying tough monsters.Tauromacis Horn Tauromacis Horn/3 Taurospear Horn Taurospear Horn/3 Tauromacis a93891Taurospear a93892 !Warning : Please don't lose t1002508.

  3. After helping Jane in her quest to go to the party, she strengthened my t01002508 as promised.