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Phantom, the Thief Hero

Phantom, the Thief Hero
Level 90 and above
The Creators of the Seal Stones (Completed), No Stone for Maple Island (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Phantom, the Thief HeroLv 90 requirement

  2. fEtc/episodBookImg.img/adventureBook/408/0 You were assigned to talk to Phantom, so you met with Empress Cygnus, who suggested writing a really big sign to flag down Phantom's airship./r/n/r/nYou were perfecting your sign when Phantom finally showed up./r/n/r/nPhantom wanted to know your true motivation for battling the Black Mage. He stole your skills, to see if you had what it took./r/n/r/nAfter pulling his little prank, Phantom revealed that the Seal Stones wouldn't help you. You had to save Maple Island with your own abilities. With that discouraging news, you head back./r/n/r/nWhen the others reconvened, you put together this knowledge:/r/n/r/nMaple Island had no Seal Stone.


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