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Revolt of the Pigs

Cygnus Knights
Revolt of the Pigs
Level 14 and above
A Black Shadow in the Pig Farm (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
1 x Pig Doll
30 x Pig
15 x Ribbon Pig
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. I'll need to talk to Agent Roca of Henesys: Henesys, who apparently received some disturbing news.

  2. Was I too late in finding that black shadow? Apparently, the Pigs at the Pig Farm have caused a revolt. The agent believes that one of Black Mage's men has probably set up a device in the area that causes such chaos. Roca assigned me to defeat the Pigs and if I happen to come across an item called Pig Doll, then I should bring it back to him. I can find the Pigs in Beach: Wave Beach.Pig a207071 Ribbon Pig a207072 Pig Doll Pig Doll Pig Doll / 1

  3. I was able to eliminate Pigs and prevented their revolt from being carried out any further. After handing in the Roca to Pig Doll, he had a disturbed look on his face. I wonder what's going on.


  • 224 experience