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Revolutionary Defensive Wall Construction Plan

Ludus Lake
Revolutionary Defensive Wall Construction Plan
Level 60 and above
Item(s) Needed:
20 x Yellow Toy Block
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Jr. Officer Medin in Omega Sector: Omega Sector wants to share his new plans with someone.

  2. Jr. Officer Medin suggested that we help General Maestro. He says we can prevent aliens from attacking by using solid Yellow Toy Blocks to build a defensive wall around Omega Sector: Omega Sector. In order to find out if this plan is possible, we need to get Yellow Toy Blocks and get it tested by Dr. Kim.Yellow Toy BlockYellow Toy Block Yellow Toy Block/2030 minute time limit

  3. It's sad that Jr. Officer Medin really thinks his idea is brilliant but Dr. Kim is right. This plan clearly makes no sense and doesn't even need scientific testing in order to prove that... Ugh, next time I should think things through before I offer to help. I hope I grew at least a little bit.


  • 20,300 experience