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[Royal Style] Sweet Suit!

[Royal Style] Sweet Suit!
Item(s) Needed:
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Lady Blair wants to speak to you.

  2. Did you hear? You can receive an ultra special gift i1102778 t1102778 for putting on the Sweet Patissier outfit.(Be careful, this quest is limited to once per world. If you forfeit during the quest you will not be able to start it again.)[Hat]i1004411 t1004411[Outfit]i1050353 t1050353(M)i1051422 t1051422(F)[Gloves]i1080008 t1080008(M)i1081014 t1081014(F)[Shoes]i1070065 t1070065(M)i1071081 t1071081(F)[Weapon]i1702561 t1702561

  3. You've received i1102778 t1102778 for following Lady Blair's directions.


  • None